2016-2017 Staff

Maddie Brockmyre

Co-editor in chief

Junior Maddie Brockmyre is a second-year staff member of the Bucs' Blade. Taking on the position as co-editor in chief, she hopes to help carry on the paper's quality and help define the Blade in a very consequential year. She...

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Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson is a Junior reporter that is brand new to the Bucs’ Blade Staff is also a newcomer to the journalism world. Jack is involved in many after school activities such as being apart of the cross country team, trac...

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Sarah Jane Chrysler

Co-editor in chief

Sarah Jane started on the Bucs' Blade in the middle of her freshman year and has been on staff since (not including the second semester of her sophomore year that she studied abroad in Central America). She has worked from reporter to...

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Alexis VanSingel

News Editor

Junior Alexis VanSingel is on the Blade staff for her second year. As a first-time reporter last year, she found a love for news writing that lead her to take the role as News Editor for the 2016-2017 school year. She usually can be...

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Donte Lillard


Reporter Donte Lillard is a senior this year at Grand Haven High School. He has never been an official journalist, but has written many things in his free time. When he's not in school, you can find Donte playing basketball a...

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Abigail Holman


This is sophomore Abigail Holman’s first year on the Bucs’ Blade staff.  Abigail is involved in basketball, dance and catalina.  In her free time she loves to spend time with friends and family, watch the sunset, go paddle boa...

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Sam Hankinson


Sam Hankinson is a senior and in addition to his position on Blade, he also writes the Ships Log column in the Grand Haven Tribune. This ties into his hobby as he photographs Great Lakes freighters. He swims and plays water polo...

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Anna Ackerman


Sophomore Anna Ackerman is new and very excited to be apart of the Bucs’ Blade staff. She is apart of the swim team and the basketball team. She enjoys the beach and loves spending time with her family. Ackerman loves supporti...

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Aliyah Austin


Senior Aliyah Austin has been on staff for three years. She enjoys being a member of Bucs’ Blade because it gives her an opportunity to give herself and others a voice. Her activities outside of reading and writing include ...

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Isabel Bird


Sophomore Isabel Bird, a first year member to the Bucs’ Blade staff, is very excited to see where journalism and photography take her later on in life. In Isabel’s free time you can find her playing club volleyball, lacros...

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Julia Drabczyk


Julia Drabczyk, a Junior photojournalist who is brand new to the Bucs' Blade, strives for a fun and interesting learning experience that the Blade has to offer her. Drabczyk currently participates in several after school activities...

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Grace Glessner


Junior Grace Glessner, a second year staff member of the Buc’s Blade, is light hearted and down to earth. She is very outgoing and loves talking to new people. Grace is a lover of photography, a taco enthusiast, and will tra...

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Ysabela Golden


Senior Ysabela Golden is excited for both her first year on Blade staff and her last year of high school. She’s patiently waiting for the latter to end so she can go back to making money (and cakes) at Desserts by Design. I...

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Jamie Gretzinger


Sophomore Jamie Gretzinger is a first time staff member to Bucs' Blade and is excited to see where journalism will take her in life. You can often find Jamie with a ukulele in her arms, at the beach, or off doing something with her...

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Madison Holub


Sophomore reporter Madison Holub is new to the Bucs Blade staff this year. She enjoys running cross country in the fall, snowboarding in the winter and playing lacrosse in the spring. She loves meeting new people and trying n...

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Chris Hudson

Business Manager

Sophomore Chris Hudson, stage name Jacob Sartorius, has been on staff for 2 years now, but has had a deeper connection to the Bucs’ Blade because of his sister, Landon Hudson, who was a 4 year Bucs’ Blade member. He was a ...

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Ben Ingall


Senior staff member Ben Ingall is a new member to the Bucs’ Blade. He enjoys Teva sandals as they are better than Chacos. Ben runs cross country and track for Grand Haven, as well as participating in Model UN and is an officer i...

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Anastasiya Kahanova


Anastasiya Kahanova is an exchange student from Ukraine, and a new member to the Bucs’ Blade staff. At 15 years old, she has left home for the whole year to share her culture and experience and spend time like an American tee...

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Kelly Klouw


Junior Kelly Klouw is a new reporter to the Bucs’ Blade staff, and is excited to see where it will take her. She has a passion for traveling, whether it be out of the country, or just across the state. When Kelly isn’t snapp...

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Ian Lynam


Ian Lynam, is a sophomore reporter for the Bucs’ Blade. It is his first year on staff. He takes interest into playing guitar and other instruments. He also takes interest in human anatomy and journalism. He is planning on j...

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Maddie Monroe


Maddie Monroe is a sophomore who started her first year on staff. She is a soccer player and skier, spending most of her winter at the hill teaching lessons. She also enjoys reading, taking pictures, hammocking, biking and playing ...

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Chris Moran


Junior Chris Moran is a first year member on the Bucs' Blade staff. He is hoping to gain real world experience by helping with the visual side of the newspaper. He enjoys adventuring with friends, swimming, drawing, and making...

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Jack Reus


Jack Reus is a sophomore at Grand Haven High School. He is a reporter and this is his first year on staff. Jack is on the Grand Haven cross country team, swim team, and track team. In his free time you can find him golfing, skiin...

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Talia Rosenberg


Sophomore Talia Rosenberg is excited to be on staff for her first year! She enjoys going to the beach and hanging out with friends. In Talia’s free time, she runs on the cross country team, enjoys ice skating, and plays lacrosse...

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Sarah Sanders


Sarah Sanders is a senior and first-year staff member. She has played Lacrosse for the past 5 years and is looking forward to her senior year on the team. In addition, Sarah is a dedicated member of both the Interact Club and S...

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Caitlin Shampine

Life Editor

Junior Caitlin Brynne Shampine has been on the Bucs’ Blade Staff for two years. She is the life section editor. She is a part of Student Senate and the Catalina club. In her free time, she loves to write and take pictures. She...

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Spencer Sortman


Spencer Sortman is a junior and a first year staff member. He plays tennis and is a co-captain of the varsity team this year, playing at number two singles. As a student who has always enjoyed writing and is consistently looking for...

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Macy Swiftney


Sophomore Macy Swiftney is a first year staff member on the Bucs’ Blade. She is looking forward to learning more and meeting new people this year. Macy is friendly, on task and energetic. She plays basketball, golf, dances ...

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Sawyer Hamm


Sawyer Hamm is a senior and new to the Bucs' Blade staff.  He is a captain of the water polo, team, as well as a member of the swim and track teams.  He also participates in the National Honor Society and is an officer of th...

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Karianne Turner

Arts Editor

Karianne Turner is a junior at Grand Haven High School. This is her second year on staff and is now the arts editor. She tends to be quiet but her curiosity sticks out when she speaks. She spends most of her time eavesdropping ...

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