Wildlife biology dissection


Grace Ostric, Editor in Chief

  Teacher Roger Glass’ wildlife biology class dissected yellow perch during class on Monday, Nov. 11. 

Following a series of steps and diagrams in a packet, groups of students cut the fish apart piece by piece. The fish were soaked in chemicals, so they had very little bacteria and were clean enough to kiss. 

Through this dissection, the class learned about internal and external fish anatomy. They also learned about the location of organs, biological advantages, and organ systems as a whole. 

Glass recalled the horrors of fish encounters of the past before the dissection, including the times when students ate various parts of fish. The experiences seemed to shake him to the core, but whether it was just a case of stellar acting will remain unknown. 

Although the event may have seemed gruesome, students were looking forward to it. 

“I was actually so excited for this, I was looking forward to it,” senior Jalen Greene said.