Fast Food Scavenger Hunt

Grace Ostric, Editor in Chief

Teacher Jodi Heard’s health classes competed in a scavenger hunt on Wednesday, Dec. 18. 

Her third through sixth hours walked around the school to hunt for various posters, each with a fast food restaurant logo on them. Each poster also includes a short story problem that students must answer pertaining to nutrition.

“This is a fun activity, it gets us to move around,” junior Makayla Vanderswag said. “Mrs. Heard is a really nice person, she really cares about your personal life.” 

The activity provides a unique take on teaching the importance of food. It provides classes with interesting ways to learn the material, as well as exercise from walking all around the school, even as far as the pool. 

Students appreciate Heard’s interactive and entertaining teaching style, a quality that brings the sometimes boring topic of health to life. They also her empathy in the classroom. 

“She straight vibes,” sophomore Austin Harp said. “She vibes harder than any other teacher at this school.”