GREEN Club generates ideas at first meeting


Mike Baldus

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Mike Baldus, Reporter

The Green club met on Feb. 15 in Mr. Portenga’s room, room 5206, in pod five.

Sophomore leaders Lannie Fox, Margaret Frendt, and Sarah Mayer are planning on meeting every Monday. 

“The first meeting went really well,” Fox said. “We had a good turnout and a long email list of people who are interested”

More that was mentioned in their first meeting was also about getting club members on the same page for the semester and making some changes to the school. 

“Some ideas we came up with revolved around the lunchroom,” Mayer said. “Such as biodegradable silverware, more recycling options, and less styrofoam.” 

They also wish to educate about disposable masks and how they impact the environment. 

Last year, COVID-19 had a large negative impact on the club.

“Covid affected the club a lot last year, as we did not meet the last half of the year,” Frendt said. This caused us to not be able to finish any of our projects, so we are kind of just starting from scratch.”

The Green Clubs’ mission is to create a more eco-friendly environment at school and in the community. 

To help the club, people can join, donate, and suggest projects.