Party playlist

Elizabeth Tibbe, Co-editor in chief

Prom puts a lot of trust in a DJ to entertain rowdy high school students three plus hours, sometime it works out great, sometime not so much. This year, no matter the remixes played, be sure that your own prom playlist is on point.

Shut up and Dance
This is one of those songs that you need to enjoy now before the radio plays it to the brink of death. With the classic feel blended perfectly with an upbeat, modern instrumental track, this songs is great to start the party and clap along to.

Want to Want Me
Just an addicting song, you won’t be able to keep yourself from joining in with the catchy chorus and “oh”ing along with Jason. Great song to sing into the hairbrush as you attempt to get ready.

Don’t Stop
Isn’t that the point of prom? Keep the party going all night with 5 Seconds of Summer’s killer anthem. Not to mention the chorus is perfect to belt out off key.

Not many high schoolers have bills in their own name but nonetheless, the throwback beat could make for a pretty rocking modern swing dance. and a reminder of the real world to come. But this is prom, don’t worry about that part.

Sweet Child O’ Mine
Take a five minute break from whatever you may be doing, whether it be cementing your updo with hairspray or losing a long battle with a windsor knot. Rock out to a classic and air guitar it out.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
The stench of prom right? Oh wait, that’s sweat, dead flowers and sour punch, my bad. Well, teen spirit too for those who like something a little more apt for head banging.

House Party
For the country lovers, or those who tolerate the sound of a banjo, House Party can be a nice blend of the down home country bumpkin feel and party atmosphere. Just don’t have a house party as reckless.

Fall Out Boy isn’t for everyone, but immortals is the perfect pre prom song, the night is meant to live on anyway.