Tina Reyes talks about working on school work from home


Reyes and her mom went on a little shopping trip on their break and sound themselves looking at coffee mugs. (courtesy photo from Tina Reyes)

Emily Jarrell, Reporter

Sophomore Tina Reyes is splayed out across her couch with “Rupaul’s Drag Race” on the TV. She switches back and forth from the TV, her phone where she watches Tik Toks and her chromebook doing her homework assignments. 


This is not what she would typically be doing on a Monday at 10:30 a.m. 


She would be at school in her third hour although perhaps not entirely thrilled with what the teacher is talking about. But anything at school would be more exciting to her than what was going on in her living room according to Reyes. 


“I feel like I lost a sense of freedom,” Reyes said. “You can’t really be going out and doing what you want to do because there’s all these regulations and rules. Like if you can go out to eat, you can’t go to a concert that you really wanted to go to.” 


Like everyone else, Reyes is now adjusting to the online school setup created on the fly by teachers just days after the notification that school would shutter its doors until April 6. She confessed this has been difficult for her.


“I’m more of an in-class learner,” Reyes said. “Having to do everything online is difficult. Being in class helps me learn a little bit better and I just find that I can focus better with a teacher standing in front of me.”  


While some people have been outside and hanging out with their friends and going and hanging out at parks and stuff, Reyes has been staying in quarantine struggling to work on an essay for her English class.


“This is why I’m kinda getting a little annoyed,” Reyes said. “Like by day three I was just over it. I literally wish that this would be done because I really want to go back to school. The Environment is also just so different at school you’re with a bunch of people and it’s easier to get help because you don’t have to wait for an email because you could ask your table partner or just raise your hand and ask. I’m just so over this online thing.”