Milligan’s Mitten Mobile car detailing company shuts down amid COVID-19 outbreak


Mason Milligan reads a text book to fulfill his school requirements during the break.

Brendan Vander Meer, Reporter

For junior Mason Milligan, his reaction to the COVID-19 break is common among the student body at Grand Haven High School. 

“At first I was super excited,” Milligan said. “I’ve been really stressed out the past few weeks about school so I was like ‘yeah a break, I can do this.’” 

The transition from classroom to chromebook hasn’t been a struggle for Milligan as he already has had experience learning online with his AP economics class. 

“One teacher has assigned a ton of work,” said Milligan in regards to the workload. “Some classes don’t have much.”

As for the virus, Milligan isn’t too concerned.

“Honestly I’m not that worried,” Milligan said. “I understand that it’s a big deal and that a lot of people get sick and that a lot of people die. I do worry about my grandparents every now and then, but they’re all smart and safe.”

The virus isn’t only affecting people’s health, but also businesses. Milligan owns a car-detailing business, and COVID-19 is threatening to shut it down. 

“I’ve been trying to detail cars, at least one a day,” Milligan said. “Trying to make sure my customers’ cars are clean.”

As of March 23, Milligan had to close his business temporarily in regards to Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order. 

“It’s unfortunate but it’s ok,” Milligan said. 

Up until the outbreak of COVID-19, business was booming for Milligan.

“It was going pretty good,” Milligan said. “Spring-time is a big season for us and a lot of people needed their cars cleaned out already.

Milligan also saw an increase in customers due to the outbreak of COVID-19 for his steam cleaning services, which is the best way to get rid of the virus on car surfaces he claims. 

Although Milligan’s business is temporarily shut down, he plans to occupy his time in other ways.

“I’m gonna hang out at home for a long time,” Milligan said. “I’m just gonna chill in my room and do my homework. It’s been a struggle to get back in the self-discipline mode.”

As of April 21st, Mitten Mobile Detailing has reopened for business.