Senior Kirsten Dykstra fills her “coronacation” with lots of activities.


Kirsten shows off her home made green house garden in her basement.

Grant Engelsman, Photo Editor

While other students at Grand Haven High School may have been very surprised or even a bit happy to hear about school closing until April 5, senior Kirsten Dykstra’s first reaction was sadness. 


 “I am the only senior and the captain of the varsity water polo team this year so I was very sad when I found out I wouldn’t be able to play anymore,” Dykstra said. “I had been looking forward to this season for four years and I felt as if it had been stolen from me.” 


Many other senior students are in the same situation as Dykstra and also feel like their senior year spring sport has been taken right out of their hands. 


I wasn’t very concerned about the coronavirus affecting my health because I have a very strong immune system and I am fairly healthy,” Dykstra said. “However, I was concerned about passing it to my grandparents or parents, so I made sure to social distance.” 


She’s doing everything she can to keep the disease from spreading including practicing social distancing. Dykstra was also concerned about how coronavirus was going to affect her job. 


“I was concerned about it affecting my job,” Dykstra said. “I work at a restaurant and got laid off because all the restaurants are closed.” 


Since being laid off, she’s found schoolwork has been a good way to occupy her time in quarantine. 


“I have mostly been doing my homework these last couple of weeks,” Dykstra said. “I try to get outside at least once a day. I have been taking my two dogs on runs in the woods by my house. I let them off the leash and run along with them for an hour or two.”