Adopt-A-Family adapts

Sydney Kroll, Reporter


A trait that feels as though it is fading in a world full of hate.

As the holidays grow near, Student Senate is working to continue a tradition that can make the coldest of winters feel just a little warmer. This tradition, known as Adopt-A-Family, involves providing Christmas gifts for families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford any.

“Privilege is something we all take for granted,” senior class president Alexis Naperala said. “We don’t tend to really think about those who have less than us. It’s a super, super important thing to look at and  realize that it’s kind of a reality check for those who are able to get what they want.”

Each year, Student Senate contacts the elementary school principals. The principals are the ones who scope out the families. If these families choose to participate, they will be added to a list containing their information and what they need. Student Senate members will then go on a large shopping spree at Target where they will buy as many of the listed items as possible. They will also wrap them for the families once it gets closer to Christmas break.

As you can imagine, this event is pricey, usually summing up to about $10,000 to $12,000 per year. Most of these profits come from homecoming and other Student Senate led fundraisers.

“We think it’s important that we give back because we know there’s such a need,” senior class adviser Abby Williams said. “It’s helping families who otherwise would not be able to have any sort of holiday to speak of.”

This year, however, has provided some challenges, especially with finances. COVID-19 not only made it difficult to raise money, it also created more need amongst the community.

“Last year was a huge hit for not only Student Senate, but a lot of different clubs at school. We weren’t able to do a ton because of COVID-19,” Naperala said. “We still have lots of funding that we’re able to go off of, we just may not be able to give to as many families as we have in years past.”

However, Student Senate isn’t alone. NHS, Girl Up, and the family of teacher Jana Schmidt are adopting families in order to ensure that everyone can have a merry Christmas.

All in all, our community has much more need than many understand and it is important for us to try and help as much as we can. Adopt-A-Family is one of the many ways that we can give back to our community.

The impact that this event creates is worth much more than any material possession, and in a way, is much more valuable.

“It’s been really nice because we are going through a lot right now. My son is going through a real problem at school, so I’ve actually had to become a stay at home parent,” one of the family members said. “We’re moving right before Christmas, so we weren’t doing a lot this year because we have to buy furniture. Christmas was just going to be super small this year.”

The whole process was quick and painless for the families, something that is convenient during these stressful times.

“I think it’s a really good thing to do for families around here. It’s been really tough for people,” the family member said. “I know a lot of people who have families that are starting to become homeless because of COVID-19. This whole thing is amazing for the school to do because it’s helping a lot of people that otherwise wouldn’t have has a Christmas.”