Who is the band Beach House?

Who is the band Beach House?

Ben Pease, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Alex Scally solos in front of the crowd as Singer Victoria Legrand plays the piano, waiting for a beat before coming in on the vocals. The duo Beach House creates and performs some of the most stunning music. 

This unique genre considered “dream-pop”, is all about stunning vocals and simple, catchy guitar licks. Beach House masters this as they are able to execute simplistic yet intricate songs all throughout their albums.

One of their best albums, Teen Dream, includes songs like “Silver Soul”, “Norway”, and “Zebra”. These songs all contain the same structure which is a smooth, moving guitar melody and Victoria Legrand’s soaring voice all throughout the record. 

There’s something about Beach Houses’ music that makes it so different compared to other bands making music right now. Maybe it’s the vocals or even the soothing guitar, but whatever it is the duo has perfected it and uses this uniqueness to continue creating beautiful albums.