New club brings YouTube community together


Spencer Sortman, Reporter

YouTubers Unite is a new club recently started by junior, Arthur Burke. The club is dedicated to bringing the YouTube community of GHHS together and helping anyone who has a channel or wants to start a channel.

The first run of the club started last week Tuesday, which Burke believes was successful. The club already has ten members and continues to grow.

Burke plans to show new members a presentation when they come in so they understand the basic things about setting up and designing a YouTube channel. Anyone with a YouTube channel or who is interested in making one is highly suggested to join the club.

“If you’ve always watched YouTube videos and you have someone whose videos you’re passionate about, you can follow in their footsteps,” Burke said.

A lot of information will be provided for new members because of the combined knowledge of the club president and current members.

“For people who already have a YouTube channel, there are videos that tell them how to get monetization (authorization of ads), or how to manage a channel,” Burke said.

The future plans for the club are ambitious and would be a cool addition to GHHS. Burke has an intent of creating a main school channel, with the permission of the school, to conduct interviews and videos of events going on within the school.
“We could also cover events and sports in the school like water polo or soccer and record them, making it look like a professional game,” Burke said.

The club takes place every Tuesday from 2:42 to 4 p.m. in the library computer lab. You can contact Arthur Burke at [email protected] if you have questions or concerns about the club.