Ferris St. closed through Nov. 2

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor

Ferris St. is slated to be closed at the railroad crossing through the rest of this week due to the installation of new rails by the Michigan Shore Railroad. They estimate the project will take about a week from start to finish.

Students and staff are advised to take necessary precautions such as leaving earlier and expecting delays.

While Principal Tracy Wilson was assured by the MSR that any inconvenience this project would cause to the students and staff would be minimal, she instead expressed caution to all students and staff as they enter and exit the building during this time.

“[Surrounding] this project, inconvenience is minimal,” Wilson said. “It is a safety concern for me more than it’s an inconvenience. Pay attention to the car in front of you and expect delays.”

Wilson also said the attendance office will be playing things by ear on Monday morning as students arrive, but that she does not want students to intentionally be late.

The school district is not anticipating having to alter bus pickups and dropoffs this week.

Officers from both Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department and Grand Haven Department of Public Safety will be stationed at various intersections along Lakeshore Ave. to provide guidance and to direct traffic flow. Those intersections along Lakeshore are: Lincoln St., Ferris St., Rosy Mound Rd., Hayes St., and Robbins Rd. Additionally along Ferris at the entrance to the high school.

“If people are coming from the east they’re probably going to go south, not everyone will go to Hayes,” Wilson said. “So in our meeting with the Sheriff’s Department, we talked about being prepared for these different outlets.”

Wilson said the only thing she’s unsure of at this point is whether or not students can cross the railroad tracks on the bike path, but will inform students if they can do so as soon as she learns of it.