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Administration closes boys’ restrooms after vandalism

April 29, 2019


Caleb Berko

Pictured is the pod five restroom that has been closed for several weeks due to these incidences. Directly below, on the first floor, is the pod one restroom that is the only one open during instructional time.

All but one of the four boys restrooms in the academic pods will be closed during class time this upcoming week. Additional restrooms will be open during passing time to alleviate any traffic jams that only one open restroom may incur. Principal Tracy Wilson wrote in an email to parents and students that this is because there are some boys who cannot behave properly while using the restrooms.

“The intentional destruction of the toilets and soap dispensers has forced us to close two of the bathrooms for repair and maintenance,” Wilson wrote in an email blast. “Male students will have to ‘check in’ to use the bathroom by providing their name/student ID.”

To ‘check in’, students need a pass from their teacher to leave class, per usual, then they need to present their ID number that the parapro verifies on their iPad at the restroom entrance and then students are admitted to the restroom.

“It’s a bit ridiculous that we have to have this conversation at this level,” Wilson said on the morning announcements. “It’s not something that us adults are excited about doing, but a small minority have created this issue for all.”

Facilities Manager Kyle Hitsman said there have been quite a few incidences almost on a daily basis where boys will ‘vandalize’ the restrooms. The high school has been plagued with intentional acts of vandalism throughout the school year on behalf of the male population.

“Some of the (incidences) are vandalism, some of them are bodily fluids and fecal matter, and some others are just general destruction,” Hitsman said. “We have kids that just pee on the floor or poop on the floor and kinda just leave it.”

Hitsman also said there have been soap dispensers ripped from the walls, toilets that have been kicked by students and are now broken, there have been stall doors ripped clean off the walls and countless other incidences.

The school staff is now taking action to combat these students causing destruction of property in the restrooms. Hitsman noted that the school is limiting access to restrooms so they can try to find the students causing the damage. This new ‘check in’ system is the next step in catching those causing the destruction.

“It’s kinda hard (to catch kids) because there aren’t many in the student body who are turning each other in,” Hitsman said. “I’m hoping by the end of the year we can have a lot of these issues taken care of, but it’s can we catch the people that are doing it, and can we have the student body themselves help us with the issues we’re having.”


This is the most ludicrous thing that has ever happened in the history of policies established by Grand Haven High School. First they take away the phones, now they restrict bathroom privileges. I don’t blame them though, because people don’t utilize this like they should, and they don’t treat it like a public facility.”

— Junior Cam Riley

Personally, I understand the reasoning for (closing the bathrooms). It’s not pleasurable. Obviously it’s a bit demoralizing, but there’s consequences for our actions even though I, personally, was not involved. But I understand that we have to punish those that did what they did.”

— Sophomore Aaron Brummel

It’s kinda annoying. They should have at least two bathrooms open with a similar way of checking in just so there’s more areas you can use the bathroom.”

— Junior Jared Franke

It’s sad that we have to do this, but we brought it upon ourselves.”

— Senior Jon Elias

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  • S

    Spencer SauersMay 3, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    This is insane!! I feel so bad for my friends who have to deal with this. The boys who did this need to learn how to behave themselves in public. 😡

  • S

    Sky HayesApr 29, 2019 at 7:47 am

    This is bull. Why can’t they behave!?