Donation-based yoga class to raise money for hurricane support

Adrienne Parcheta, Reporter

A PDF of the poster regarding the event.

Jennifer Jettner, teacher at Holmes elementary in Spring Lake, will be teaching a donation-based yoga class Friday, September 27 at Mark Hoeksema’s gallery in downtown Grand Haven on Washington Ave. from 5:45 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Any donations will support Puerto Ricans in the wake of Hurricane Maria. 


The aftermath of Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico without any access to food; leaving many Puerto Ricans starving. According to Jettner, who is married to GHHS business teacher Chad Jettner, 80% of their food is currently being imported from the continental U.S. The goal is to raise awareness to climate change, give support to Puerto Rico, as well as raise money for the documentary, An Uncertain Land. 


“It is to raise awareness for climate change as well as give support after Hurricane Maria for Puerto Rico,” Jettner said. 


Over the summer, Jettner met the producer of the documentary and her idea for this yoga class was born. The documentary is focused on the locals and to raise awareness for the farming conditions in Puerto Rico. 


“It is to highlight some people that are Puerto Rican that live in Puerto Rico,” Jettner said. “And also draw awareness to farming in Puerto Rico…to highlight some of those independent farmers and just kind of show what’s happening there.” 

Junior Avery Richardson, daughter of special education teacher Melissa Richardson, wears some of the jewelry that will be sold at the event.

Sea glass jewelry and “more than mud” pendants will be sold at the event, both made by Jettner and special education teacher Melissa Richardson. All the sea glass used is from Puerto Rico and all profits from the jewelry will be used to support the documentary. 


“As things like hurricanes, or whatever happens, even if there’s not a disaster, that people there are able to support themselves more efficiently by growing their own food,” Jettner said.