Team G.H. holds hot chocolate fundraisers every other Thursday


Cameron March

Hot chocolate is only $1.00 every other Thursday and is delivered during academy.

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor

Team G.H. started hot chocolate Thursdays this year and hot chocolate is sold every other Thursday during academy. 

“The main purpose of it, of the hot chocolate Thursdays is just to spread positivity,” junior Lauren Smelker said.

Smelker mentioned these types of projects help bring in money for more ideas that they have for students of Grand Haven High School. 

“We wanted to do something that was different because there’s so many clubs and sports teams that are always looking for more money,” Smelker said. 

Hot chocolate Thursdays bring in money to help them provide more fundraisers for the school, but it’s been difficult to get the attention Team G.H. need. 

“It hasn’t worked out how we wanted it where it’s a delivery because a lot of students either forget or their teacher doesn’t tell them about it,” Smelker said.

Surveys have been sent out to academy teachers in the past to see how many people would like hot chocolate for the upcoming Thursday. It hasn’t worked out how they wanted, so a change is being made where students will receive a survey in their email about getting hot chocolate instead. 

“We’re thinking that a more direct route where the students fill it out and says which academy,” Smelker said.

Because hot chocolate is popular in the winter, it won’t last during the spring. Team G.H. is thinking of selling popcorn and lemonade for students so they can still have a nice small treat even after winter passes by. 

“We definitely see potential and that’s why we’re going to continue,” sophomore Sammy Ritter said. “We see potential in growing.”