Buc Stop introduces new products

The Buc Stop, as well as student services, recently introduced a new line of Buccaneer products. 

“We have pop sockets, phone charges, both wireless and plug in phone chargers, phone cases and even airpods that we’re selling too,” Buc Stop adviser Taylor Schriber said. “This would have been late December that we got them.”

The Buc Stop continues to sell Under Armour and Grand Haven gear. Products vary from hats and lanyards to sweatshirts and pants.

“When we get our new apparel we will do 30% off everything else,” Schriber said. 

The Buc Stop allows for the marketing class to work in the store and to run an actual business providing them with a firsthand experience working in the business world. 

Be sure to stop in the Buc Stop as well as student services to purchase the new Grand Haven gear.