Library stocks new books


Mike Baldus

Banners in the library set the mood for reading. A steady flow of students make their way through the library daily.

Camille Berko, Editor In Chief

As teenager interests shift at GHHS so do overall popular books and genres. 

“We usually get books every few weeks,” librarian Dana Rider said. “And we go off of student’s requests or things teachers have liked.” 

Many students are currently reading books more in the range of nonfiction. Examples of popular topics right now are memoirs and biographies and self-help books or emotionally supportive books. Rider mentioned that it’s not normal for this genre to be very popular among teenagers but she’s happy to provide them. 

Students can submit requests for books at any time and will normally receive the book within one to two weeks, if not sooner. 

“Usually it doesn’t take too long if students request it,” Rider said. “We also try to order books every week or two just to get something new.”