Return of six-hour schedule causes controversy


Students often have trouble with time management and juggling classes when certain schedules are in place (art by Megan Voorhees).

Sarah Mayer, News Editor

The six-hour schedule has been put back into place for this school year. 

As summer vacation came to an end and school was back in session, students were hopeful for a sense of normalcy upon their return from a twisted and irregular pandemic school year. 

Although it looks as though not much has changed since last semester, with mask mandates still in place and the continuation of the virus, one aspect of everyday student life has been restored. 

The return of the six-hour schedule has caused controversy. Some students are missing the block schedule, including sophomore Eleanor Mitchell.

“I liked being able to get through multiple lessons in one class,” Mitchell said. “It made me feel very accomplished while still maintaining a laid back schedule.”

Others were ecstatic at the news of the schedule return, such as senior Lexi Naperala.

“The efforts from the school to bring the regular schedule back means a ton,” Naperala said. “They are making us feel less ‘quarantined’ and more so like normal students.”