Loutit Library celebrates international dinosaur month


Ky Graham

Refe and Susan Tuma’s book, “What the Dinosaurs did at Night” featured at Loutit Library during International Dinosaur Month.

Violet Kemperman, Reporter

The Loutit Library is celebrating international dinosaur month by putting your puzzle skills to the test. This challenge runs Oct. 1 through Oct. 31. 

This challenge includes a virtual puzzle and a real-world scavenger hunt. This dino challenge is inspired by Refe and Susan Tuma’s children’s book “What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night”. Refe and Susan are dino lovers just like you, so much so they’ve created Dinovember.

Loutit Library wants to create an exciting environment for all youths to share their love for dinosaurs and puzzles. Clues will be released starting Oct. 1 at 8 am on the library website and on social media and will continue to be released on virtual platforms. 

All ages are invited to join this dino-tastic challenge, if you or someone you know is fascinated by dinosaurs and loves a good challenge, be sure to check out this creative scavenger hunt for you and your family.