Sewer project shuts down Ferris St.


A map of where Ferris shut down will be located. Alternate routes for commuters would be to take Lincoln St. and turn onto US 31.

Abby Dzikowicz, Reporter

Ferris St., specifically between 168th Ave. to 152nd Ave., is closed for a sewer project. Construction is estimated to finish around Oct. 30th. 

Those living east of Ferris will be affected by heavy traffic, making it especially busy in the morning with students driving to school and parents driving to work. Commuters should plan accordingly to leave earlier. 

“It’s very bad timing considering that the school year just started. Ferris is the quickest route for most students. I’m gonna have to leave a lot earlier to get to school,” said junior Kate Klahorst. “It’s very inconvenient for running back and forth from the high school for sports.”

There was lots of confusion when Ferris would actually be shutting down. “The confusion with dates just makes the whole situation more annoying,” Klahorst said.