Isabelle Perraut recognized as October Rotary Student of the Month

Senior Isabelle Perraut was honored as October Rotary Student of the Month. She was chosen for her leadership skills and academic excellence. Perraut was excited when she found out that she had received the award. 

“I was very surprised,” Perraut said. “It was really strange because I did not expect it at all. My mom told me I was Rotary Student of the Month and it was really cool”

The Rotary Students of the month were invited to attend a luncheon hosted by the Rotary Club. Perraut was grateful to be a part of the meeting. 

“It was really interesting because I had seen students previously go to the luncheon,” Perraut said. “I had known about it from afar, but it was cool to see it up close and to actually be able to go. It was interesting to hear them talk and learn about what they do and their place in the community.”

Perraut was asked to bring a person of significance to accompany her at the event. She chose history teacher Kevin Howard.

“I chose Mr. Howard because I am doing an independent study with him this year and I’ve known him since I was a sophomore,” Perraut said. “In every class he teaches he is just so passionate and you can tell that he really knows the material.” 

Purraut was grateful for the opportunity to be recognized by the Rotary Club. 

“Overall it was a really cool experience,” Purraut said. “It made me feel like a lot of my hard work had meant something. A lot of the time students don’t get recognition for their work, so I love that we do this so students feel recognized.”