Loutit Library celebrates Banned Books Week

Riley Vining

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Kenza Wolff
September 30, 2022

Loutit Library’s book display includes bookmarks in each banned book that describes why they were banned.

National Banned Books Week started Sept. 18, but Loudit Library has been celebrating since September began.

“We’re doing it for the whole month, so we can have more opportunities to get involved and to bring more attention to the Banned Books Week as a whole,” librarian and project leader Chelsea McCoy said. “There’s something in every library that can offend anyone, but you have to allow for all of it because we also have something for everyone.”

The library is putting on a program that encourages citizens to read banned books for 250 minutes, and they can check off a box every 10 minutes on a sheet available at the front desk. Librarians also put together a display in the central hallway at Loudit. It involves banned books from all across the country; children, adult and young adult novels from all genres are displayed.

“We’re hoping people give it a chance and read about someone different than themselves,” McCoy said. “I hope, while reading or looking at the display, they see everyone has a diverse taste and that everyone has the right to be represented in what they read.”