Annual belly flop competition 2022


Annabelle Waterman

Seniors and students cheer on their peers as they flop into the pool. Many took videos and pictures throughout the contest as well as applauded for their fellow classmates.

Annabelle Waterman, Reporter

What Happened:

The annual belly flop competition was held this Tuesday. Seniors are able to come down and watch live, while the rest of the school gets to watch the recorded version the following day during academy. The school gets to vote on the best staff and student flop after watching the recorded video.



Students and staff were excited to watch and take part in the homecoming-week event. Each student gets two attempts at impressing the crowd, the staff only gets one chance to flop. Three students from each grade level are selected each year.

Senior Nick Miller braces himself for impact during his first flop. (Annabelle Waterman)


They Said it:

“It was pretty scary at first, but then I saw everyone else doing it, and then I kinda figured out what they were doing so then from there I realized what to do. Then it just kind of went away.” 


-Junior Luis Orduno