Ducco’s disappearance debunked


Ducco the Bucco.

Mike Baldus, Reporter

Sabin Tamang and Babin Kharel were walking through their usual hangout spot between pods seven and eight when they saw a little yellow rubber duck named Ducco.

Ducco was part of a schoolwide scavenger hunt. He was re-hidden since the beginning of the month.

Kharel had him in his locker for about a week before realizing what it was.

“I heard about the duck thing,” Kharel said. “The duck is still missing, I saw it on those screens in the hall. I saw it in there and it said some scavenger hunt or something.

They both received a Panera gift card ranging from $25 – $200 for finding Ducco.

Ducco has since been re-hidden and is awaiting new seekers to stumble across him.