School news paper wins awards


C.E. Sikkenga

Blade writers cheer for fellow student after winning a Mipa award

Megan Voorhees, Digital Media Manager

Michigan Interscholastic Press Association (MIPA) has been giving out awards for 100 years. This year the awards were on May 18, but the Blade staff watched the ceremony on May 24.

These awards acknowledge the hard work staff members from across the state put into making their papers. 

The 2020-2021 Blade staff collectively received 38 awards, 14 of which were first place.

“These kids have just been phenomenal all year,” Blade advisor C.E. Sikkenga said. “They just came in and worked hard and put even more of themselves into the publication. It’s nice to see their work honored.”

Winners from the staff are:

Grace Ostric- 10

Natalie Dupuis- 3

Camille Berko- 7

Grace Montgomery- 14

Mike Baldus- 1

Ben Pease- 1

Nick Miller- 1 

Whole Staff- 3