Put the phone down at the dinner table


Savannah Vickers , Reporter

Smells of pie and baking rolls in the air. In the kitchen, the aunts laugh with grandma and mom, while your uncles and grandpa reminisce about childhood. But then there’s you and your siblings and your cousins slouching on the couch, on your phones ignoring the world.

What a beautiful tradition.

Everyone gathers at grandma’s and in past years, it’s seemed that the family was generally excited, and not just to devour mashed potatoes or your aunt’s famous pumpkin squares. But to be looking forward to an actual conversation with your relatives. Not to sound like an old lady, but holidays are not what they use to be. Phones are getting in the way of adolescents between ages of nine and 18.

I truly do get it. When Thanksgiving rolls around, families have a lot of distant relatives around, and it tends to get overwhelming and awkward. But those people are family and believe it or not, most of them probably love you so put your phone away and talk to them.

Talking to them may not be easy, but in time you will actually enjoy their company. You may find something in common with them and make some good memories.

It might be hard for some to put their phones away. We are creatures of habit and some teens for whatever reason have their phones glued to their hands and have a panic attack when it’s not near.  I also had this problem. When you read this, think of yourself in that situation. It should be a wake up call.

But don’t worry, the world won’t end if you break away from it for a few hours.

Time to turn your life in a box on silent for a few hours and hang with your relatives, because you have to admit, your phone can’t give you hugs, give useful advice or embrace you like your family can so love them for that. Don’t be afraid to laugh with your aunt or listen to some inspiring stories from grandma.

Have a happy phone free Thanksgiving and hang with your loved ones because after all, you’re thankful for them.