Logic’s “Everybody” tries hard to be enlightening but falls short of mediocre

Spencer Sortman, Reporter

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Logic has been one of my favorite rappers, however, his most recent album Everybody is extremely disappointing. Every aspect of the album is a failure, even if it was made with good intentions. Just because an album is heavily centered on social justice doesn’t make it good. Kendrick Lamar is a master of including enlightening concepts on race, violence, and poverty into his poetic pieces. While Lamar’s verses inspire, Logic’s bore; messages can come to the same effect but the delivery is everything. Logic is an amazing rapper, however, he often falls short of greatness because of the blatant disregard for eloquence in his message.

Everybody tries hard to be an illuminating message in the chaos of social justice but is far from enlightening. It falls flat on its face because of unoriginal and boring lines like,

“Make America Great Again

Make it hate again, make it white

Make everybody fight”


“Everybody looking for the meaning of life through a cell phone screen”

These messages by themselves are fine but to show lyrical mastery, the artist should never tell the listeners what to think. The artist should show them through developed examples and well-put phrases, showing a deeper thought that will actually “enlighten” listeners. The message of the racist Donald Trump or cell phone addiction given by logic is the same old message we hear constantly from mass media and current culture.

Maybe clear beats and flow would save the album but Logic fails in those areas as well. He essentially sacrificed resounding music for the message and the result was forced lines and questionable wording with nothing to back it up.

Logic will still remain one of my favorite rappers and I look forward to his next album but until then, the bad taste of Everybody will remain.

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Logic’s “Everybody” tries hard to be enlightening but falls short of mediocre