Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie surpasses already low expectations

Caitlin Shampine, Life Editor

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Have you ever went to the movie theatre to see a movie and it began but you were almost positive it had to be a joke? This happened to me when I went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: the Long Haul. It was such bad acting it seemed impossible for them to be serious.

Alicia Silverstone, former iconic actress from the classic movie Clueless, definitely took a huge step down in this film. She was so natural in her role as Cher, but as Mrs. Heffley it almost felt like the director was holding a gun to her head making her say her lines or otherwise… BANG!

To tell you the truth, I wish someone would have pulled the trigger, on her or on me. It was so painful, I suggest the next time the government wants to torture some terrorist and they’ll break quick.

Now, I am not sure if it is fair to me to judge this movie, since I could only handle 20 minutes of it before I ran out of the theater.

I was confused by the plot as well. They were going on a road trip to go to ‘Mee-ma’s’. Greg Heffley (Jason Drucker) then emails this famous youtuber that apparently gets paid to take videos of him playing video games. Now, this is not realistic. The first reason is most youtubers don’t share their emails, because people can just comment on their videos. The other part that isn’t is the fact that in the email Greg said he wanted to be in his next video to make everyone forget a mishap that went viral earlier, and the said youtuber replies and tells him he can.

Youtubers only care about improving their reputation to get more subscribers and more money, so having some random kid on his show is very unlikely.

The only actor in this movie who I think deserves to get paid, is the baby. I say this, not because he did a good job, but that he will need the cash to overcome this appearance.

Now to Rodrick, Greg’s older brother. Many teenagers were complaining online how the missed the old Rodrick and the trend #notmyrodrick skyrocketed. Before watching this film I thought this was ridiculous, but now I totally agree. The actor that played Rodrick (Charlie Wright) scares me. I honestly am going to have nightmares. His eyes look ready to kill.

If I were you, unless you’re looking to scare yourself forever, I would stay clear from this movie. I would stay clear of any theater who is playing this movie as well, because I fear the mold on this movie will spread to all the others around it (like the cheese touch from the first Diary of a Wimpy kid).

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie surpasses already low expectations