Football team honors those affected by cancer


James Harding

(From left to right) junior Levi Overway, senior Chase Pego, senior Aaron Cummings, senior Nick Mulachy and senior Joe Sepeshy show off their purple jerseys for the Bucs’ Pride game.

Elizabeth Tibbe , Co-editor in chief

The home football season opens with the Bucs’ Pride game held Friday at Buccaneer Stadium starting at 7 p.m.  Each player will wear a name on their jersey to honor those who have passed away or been affected by cancer. This game is organized by the Bucs’ Pride association.

Below is a list of players/honorees.

Player:  #3 Drew Bruursema

Playing in memory of: William Schippers

Relation: Great Grandpa


Player: #5 Levi Overway

Playing in memory of: Grandpa Sam


Player: #6 Jake Kostner

Playing in memory of: Grandpa Kostner


Player: #7 Luke Larkin

Playing in memory of: Mary Larkin

Relation: Grandma


Player: #8 Evan Kaufman

Playing in memory of: Smith and Kaufman family members


Player: #9 Joe Sepeshy

Playing in honor of: a friend


Player: #10 Aaron Cummings

Playing in memory of: Robin Bye

Relation: Friend and mentor


Player: #11 James Harding

Playing in honor of: Grandma


Player: #12 Ashkii Wilson

Playing in honor of: Ked Rhode

Relation: Coach Smith’s good friend


Player: #13 Casper Attermann

Playing in memory of: Grandmother


Player: #14 Schaefer Thelen

Playing in honor of: Uncle Bob


Player: #15 Lukas Steffel

Playing in honor of: Bev Deal

Relation: One of Dr.Larry Poel’s receptionists


Player: #16 Joey Zelenka

Playing in memory of: Ruth Baker

Player: #18 Spencer Botner

Playing in memory of: Kaleb Schmidt’s grandma and Mike and Amy Schmidt’s mom


Player: #22 Wayne McLaughlin

Playing in honor of: Denise North’s dad


Player: #23 Zac Marsman

Playing in memory of: Dough Burton

Relation: Former Buccaneer Athlete


Player: #24 Trey Bledsoe

Playing in honor of: Grandmother


Player: #25 Zach McKinnon

Playing in memory of: Grandpa Carl


Player: #30 Chase Pego

Playing in memory of: Luis Guillen


Player: #32 Taylor Siegel

Playing in honor of: Tia


Player: #34 Austin Rutherford

Playing in honor of: Sorrelle Family


Player: #40 Fortune Anyanwu

Playing in honor of: Sheri Stone


Player: #42 Reis Lannin

Playing in memory of: Matt Barnes


Player: #44 Matt VanHeest

Playing in memory of: Mary Zitta

Relation: Former Grand Haven Teacher


Player: #45 Nick Mulcahy

Playing in honor of: Tom Holmes


Player: #50 Drew Danskine

Playing in memory of: Uncle John


Player: #51 Andrew Dalman

Playing in honor of: Grandmother

Player: #53 Trevor Springer

Playing in memory of: Trevor Howard

Relation: 8 year old taken in by the football team who recently lost his battle with Leukemia


Player: #54 Nathan VanZee

Playing in honor of: Kim

Relation: Friend of Steve


Player: #55 Hunter Bessinger

Playing in memory of: Jan Ledinsky and Ruth Valliere


Player: #58 Juan Bucerra

Playing in honor of: Aunt Angie


Player: #62 Ben VanderBroek

Playing in honor of: Aunt Marilyn


Player: #63 Connor Gundy

Playing in honor of: Ann Tibbe

Relation: Girlfriend’s mom


Player: #64 Zach Benson

Playing in honor of: All of Grand Haven High School Staff


Player: #66 Alexander Zelazquez

Playing in memory of: Charlie Clark


Player: #67 Rylee Brown

Playing in memory of: Marilyn Mergener

Relation: Grand Haven teacher for 35 years


Player: #68 John Struntz

Playing in honor of: Amy Fontaine

Relation: A young Grand Haven mom


Player: #72 Thompson McWatters

Playing in honor of: Uncle Mike


Player: #76 Mike Olthof

Playing in memory of: Grandpa Olthof


Player: #77 Junior Pedroza

Playing in honor of: Bucs Pride

Player: #78 Chase VanHoef

Playing in memory of: Carol VanHoef

Relation: Grandma


Player: #88 Destin Meirs

Playing in honor of: Cal Jager

Relation: Grand Haven High School senior