Hentemann and Buitenhuis run last race in muddy conditions

Macayla Cramer, Reporter

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WHAT HAPPENED: Seniors Abby Buitenhuis and Gabby Hentemann raced against stiff competition this past Sunday at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan. States is no easy battle and with the weather not being kind to these athletes, it was a toss-up. Though the athletes’ strength was well earned, Hentemann placed 8th in the state and Buitenhuis placed 115th.

WHAT IT MEANS:  For the seniors, this was their last go-around in the state competition, bringing a bittersweet end to their high school career. States was all about closure and leaving every ounce they had to give out on the muddy course Saturday.

KEY MOMENTS: For Buitenhuis, the race came down to wanting to be strong and in control during the whole race. Coming out of the starting line she was racing strategically, not going out too fast right out of the gate, instead of picking her moments to ensure she didn’t die off early in the race.  

STAR PLAYERS: Hentemann and Buitenhuis were the only Grand Haven girls cross country stars at states, but they raced extremely well under the given conditions. Being the last race of the day left the girls a tore up course, however, it didn’t stop them from showing their drive and powering it home one last time.

THEY SAID IT:  “For Gabby and I, I think it was a good last race and it had a lot of closure for both of us,” Buitenhuis said. “Both she and I have been [to MIS] all four years so it is a really special place for us.”

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