Kingma and Worthington win La-Z-Boys

During halftime of each boys’ varsity basketball game, students swarm onto the court with a dollar in hand in hopes to have a chance at a halfcourt shot. A shot that, if made, would win them a La-Z-Boy.  

Typically, the contest ends up being a combination of different misses from air balls to slamming off the backboard. However, recently two shots were made in the span of a week.

Senior Connor Worthington was the first person to shoot and make it on Friday, Jan. 17. 

“The moment was awesome,” Worthington said. “I’ve been shooting the half-court shot all throughout high school and never really expected to win, but more so to just have a good time. I think the camouflage waders that I had on definitely helped my balance and aim while shooting. I’m stoked to go pick up my La-Z-Boy this weekend to do some chilling.”

Sophomore Brooks Kingma was the second person to step up to the line on Tuesday, Jan. 21. 

“When I made it, I was in complete shock,” Kingma said. “I was not planning on making it, as I usually don’t. It was a really awesome feeling that I won a free La-Z-Boy,”