Bowling team starts off season


Photo Given by Lauren Elias

Bowling fanatics were left waiting on a cliff this winter, never knowing when their time would come. But now the team has their time to shine. Their first meet was at 3:00 p.m. on Jan. 10. 

 “Not knowing when the season was going to start was a struggle,” Coach Brad Batka said, “Bowling alleys were closed for so long has made it difficult to get ready for the season.” 

Many bowling alleys, including Star Light Lanes, have closed leaving the team struggling for a place to practice. Traveling all the way to Muskegon to have their home games is not ideal. 

Only three days of practice before their first meet will be a struggle for the bowlers in comparison to the months of practice beforehand. 

“It’s a group of strong-willed determined bowlers,” Batka said. “They really love what they do.”