2017-2018 Staff

Maddie Brockmyre

Editor in chief

Senior Maddie Brockmyre is on her third year on the Blade staff, celebrating her last hurrah as the sole editor in chief.  She hopes to continue her goal of furthering the Blade's success, cementing the paper into student life...

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Savannah Hankinson


This is sophomore Savannah Hankinson's first year on the Blade staff as a photographer and is very excited to get started. She is looking forward to learning more about photography as well as becoming more comfortable with writing s...

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Kiley Williams


Kiley Williams is joining Bucs' Blade for the first time for her senior year to combine her love of design and journalism. She is a very active student in many areas of the school, as she participates in cheerleading, gymnastics,...

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Caitlin Shampine

Life Editor

Senior Caitlin Shampine has been on the Bucs' Blade for three years. This is her second year as life editor. She is very passionate about writing and helping others with their writing. She is excited to make her last year on...

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Maddie Monroe

Photo Editor

Junior Maddie Monroe is entering her second year on staff. She enjoys writing, photography, skiing, Pearl Jam and green peppers. She is excited to see what this year has to bring and to be joining the editorial staff. ...

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Gabe Rutherford


Gabe Rutherford is a sophomore, and this is his first year on the Blade.  You’ll often see him in the company of his friends downtown, at a home football game, or at any of the school socials. He is a member of multiple extr...

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Kelly Klouw


Senior Kelly Klouw is a second year staff member of the Bucs’ Blade  and is excited to be able to finish her final school year on staff. Kelly is on the varsity volleyball team and also shares a passion for traveling. If she...

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Jack Reus

Assistant Sports Editor

Junior Jack Reus is entering his second year on staff and could not be more excited. He will be covering sports once again and is looking forward to working with everyone on Blade. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with frie...

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Morgan Womack


Sophomore Morgan Womack is on the Blade for the first time, and she's pretty stoked. She thrives on being busy, and is involved in many things outside of school such as Student Senate, Science Olympiad, Calling all Colors, golf,...

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Sam Woiteshek


Sophomore reporter Sam Woiteshek is entering his first year as a member of the Bucs’ Blade.  As a sports enthusiast and lifelong fan of ESPN, Sam loves following the Michigan Wolverines and the Green Bay Packers, as well as...

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Ayebah Wilson


Senior Ayebah Wilson is a first time staff member of the Bucs’ Blade, and is curious to see how her skills in film will help to improve the video journalism side of the Blade. Although she has gone through many clubs and activity...

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Ashton Voorhees


Junior Ashton Voorhees is new to the Bucs’ Blade staff this year. Ashton plays baseball in the spring, but enjoys a wide variety of sports. His enjoyment for both sports and writing is what lead him to joining the Bucs’ Blad...

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Lucy Toppen


Junior Lucy Toppen entered the Blade classroom 0200 for the first time this September. She will be joining her fellow reporters in hopes to capture the energy of Grand Haven on paper. Lucy keeps busy playing soccer and basketba...

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Ryan Tongue


Ryan Tongue is a sophomore at Grand Haven High School. This is his first year on staff and his main role is reporting in the form of video. Ryan is a member of the water polo team, lacrosse team, and he is an avid skier. He als...

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Carlos Rappleye


Junior Carlos Rappleye is a first year reporter and photographer who is enthusiastic about writing and journalism. He considers his Emmy nominated sister his role model and plans to follow her footsteps through the world of journalism....

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Lauren Morgan


Senior Lauren Morgan is new member to the Bucs' Blade Staff. She has been apart of the dive team for four years. She enjoys spending time with her friends, going to the beach, traveling, and genuinely loves to take photos. Morgan...

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Sophia Jaeger


Sophomore Sophia Jaeger, is part of the Bucs’ Blade staff for the first time this year. When she's not studying for Science Olympiad or at musical rehearsals, she can be found curled up with a good book. Although she’s not...

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Chris Hudson

Sports Editor

Junior Chris Hudson has never been more excited to begin another year on the Bucs’ Blade staff, this year taking full time position as Sports Editor. Hudson loves sports, watching or conversing about them, and is a runner and...

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Nick Garvale


Junior Nick Garvale will be starting Bucs’ Blade as a curious and open minded student this year. He is part of the swim team, the lacrosse team, and enjoys surfing in his free time. Eager to take on journalism, Nick is ready fo...

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Maddie Fogg


Sophomore Maddie Fogg is a first year member on the Bucs’ Blade. She is looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things about photography. In school she is involved in student senate, catalina and lacrosse. Maddie i...

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Wyatt Eikenberry


Junior Wyatt Eikenberry is a new addition to the staff of the Bucs' Blade and a fresh journalist. He’s very excited to become a part of the newspaper world, and particularly excited to put his practiced writing into action. ...

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Morgan Dreese


Junior Morgan Dreese is a first year reporter and is excited to learn more about the journalism world through Bucs’ Blade. She enjoys running cross country in the fall, skiing in the winter and playing lacrosse in the spring....

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Jaime Cowman


Senior Jaime Cowman is a first year member of the Buc’s Blade staff. Jaime is passionate about many things, including politics, fashion and law. She competes in mock trial club, plays the flute and helps out the girls varsity...

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Caitlyn Cooling


Senior Caitlyn Cooling is a brand new member to the Bucs Blade staff this year, but she is no stranger to journalism. In June of 2017, Caitlyn spent time at a government simulation camp hosted at Michigan State and was elected...

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Al Bishop


This is sophomore Al Bishop’s first year on the Bucs’ Blade staff.  Al is involved in the Buccaneer Marching Band. In his free time he likes to paint/draw, play his guitar and ukulele, sing, craft, and hangout with his family....

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Caleb Berko


Sophomore Caleb Berko is brand new to the Blade this year. He is starting off as the Co-Business & Marketing Director and reporter. He thoroughly enjoys writing and is hoping to better his writing ability through this special op...

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