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Science Olympiad team prepares for regional tournament at Grand Valley State University

March 25, 2015

The Science Olympiad team has high hopes of achieving their 24th regional title as they compete at Grand Valley State University on March 28. “I think we’ll do pretty solid in all events,” senior...

Volunteer opportunities for National Honor Society students

January 30, 2015

For any National Honor Society members seeking volunteer opportunities, there are many available on the bulletin board outside advisor Angel Dean’s classroom, room 4111. The Lakeshore Assisted Living...

Junior Matt Olson battles back injury

Junior Matt Olson stands on sideline during a lacrosse game. After suffering from a back injury Olson forced to the sidelines.
June 6, 2014

Junior Matt Olson was greeted by Dr. Jeffrey Cassidy at his March 26 appointment with some relieving news. "When is your first lacrosse game?” Cassidy asked “In two days,” Olson said. “You...

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