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Annual talent show was a success

Emily Jarrell, Reporter January 30, 2020

What happened:   Grand Haven High School held its annual talent show on Tuesday Jan. 28 where students were able to showcase their skills. The talents the audience saw included singing from...

Tea Time with National Honors Society

Tea Time with National Honors Society

Emily Jarrell, Reporter December 9, 2019

What Happened:    National Honor Society served tea to ladies at Coastal Community Church on Saturday December 7. They served tea, cakes and sandwiches to these ladies while they listened to...

Worst ending to The end of the F***ing world

Worst ending to “The end of the F***ing world”

Emily Jarrell, Reporter November 26, 2019

  As it is said all good things must come to an end and the sequel to anything usually sucks. Maybe that’s not exactly how it is said but the message still holds truth. The show End of the F***ing...

All the choirs gathered on the stage to sing three songs together for the grand finale.

Choir hosts first concert of the school year

Emily Jarrell , Reporter October 17, 2019

What Happened: Choir had its first concert on Monday at the high school in the Performing Arts Center. Each choir took turns performing a couple of songs and then returning to the audience to watch...

Khalids Suncity entrances listeners

Khalids “Suncity” entrance’s listeners

Emily Jarrell , Reporter November 28, 2018

With the release of American Teen in 2017, R&B artist Khalid made his mark in the R&B world. Since then, Khalid’s voice has been featured in numerous songs in a wide variety of genres. If...

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