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Hidden Faces: Janes story - a road to recovery

Hidden Faces: Jane’s story – a road to recovery

Riley Vining, Reporter February 17, 2023

*This story describes depression and suicide in detail throughout the story, including methods by which Jane (for privacy and safety purposes we have disguised her name) has attempted. For those who might...

Medical exploration club starts a new year

Medical exploration club starts a new year

Misgana Deur, Life Editor February 14, 2022

The first meeting for the Medical Exploration Club starts Tuesday, Feb. 15 at 3 and ends at 4 in room 8201.  “The purpose of the club is to give students an opportunity to meet other students having...

Anatomy teacher Todd Diederichsen prepares for upcoming blood drive

Anatomy teacher Todd Diederichsen prepares for upcoming blood drive

Mike Baldus, Reporter February 7, 2021

The Blood Drive will happen on Tuesday, Feb. 9 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. It will take place at Hope Church located along Mercury Drive. The blood drive will no longer be happening at Grand Haven High School...

Fast Food Scavenger Hunt

Fast Food Scavenger Hunt

Grace Ostric, Editor in Chief December 20, 2019

Teacher Jodi Heard’s health classes competed in a scavenger hunt on Wednesday, Dec. 18.  Her third through sixth hours walked around the school to hunt for various posters, each with a fast food...

Peach body bar breaks beauty standards with new storefront

Peach body bar breaks beauty standards with new storefront

Gabi Nadeau, Reporter December 11, 2019

Foil hair, created by Chelsey Ruiz, has newly opened its sister-store Peach Body Bar. Their store offers multiple self-care services such as waxing, face masks, and massages for “best prices in town.” Not...

Sophomore Grace Rieger reaches her arm in the air during a session of the Mindful Healing Flow. She started this class as an effort to raise awareness for mental health and provide a healthy outlet for high school students to deal with stress.

Sophomore graced with the gift of yoga

Grace Rieger starts class to raise mental health awareness in high schoolers and the community.
Morgan Womack, Co-Editor-In-Chief December 12, 2018

Inhaling deeply, sophomore Grace Rieger steps off of her mat and onto the cold floor in the Lakeshore Yoga studio. As she collects her gear, a feeling of content washes over her. Surrounded by her peers,...

Water out of a fountain

Chemicals in elementary school water raises concern

Nick Garvale, Reporter November 4, 2018

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) were found only in Robinson Elementary school last week in an annual test held by the Department of environmental quality. The concern, within the school district,...

GIVING UP GABBY: Senior AJ Melton snaps a selfie with his friend Gabby.  Gabby died by suicide in 2015. “Not having her here feels like there’s a missing piece of my heart,” Melton said.

Surviving suicide

Senior AJ Melton struggles to cope with friend's death
Aliyah Austin, Reporter February 16, 2017

After he read the text message, senior AJ Melton’s bird-like frame crumpled on the sidewalk in front of Jumpin’ Java Coffee House. His sobs sliced through the calm June air. Memories of Melton’s...

DEFYING DISEASE: Junior Izzy Villanueva lives with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic, progressive disease involving damage to sheaths of nerve cells in brain and spinal cord. Villanueva doesnt want to be defined by her disease.

More than MS

Junior Izzy Villanueva lives with multiple sclerosis, a chronic, progressive disease involving damage to the sheaths of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord
Abby Reyenga, Reporter March 27, 2016

On a warm summer day, junior Izzy Villanueva rolled over on her fluffy white comforter and groggily looked around her room with light pink walls and beige carpet, she glanced quickly at her beloved blue...

KALE CRAZE: Students and staff enjoy the health benefits of kale. It is a source of vitamin A, K, B6 and C, fiber, calcium and iron. But many are unaware of kales possible negative effects.

Jump on the kale train

The health benefits of the "super food" have caused a kale craze among students, but many are unaware of the dangers
Karianne Turner, Arts Editor March 26, 2016

Hop on the kale train. Kale has been viewed as the ‘super food.’ While it turns all your smoothies green, it does wonders for your body. Or so they say. Kale has fantastic health benefits....

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