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Next chapter in family fairytale

After having to jump through unexpected hoops, Kram family is eager to welcome adopted daughter Nasul into their home
Aliyah Austin, Reporter March 25, 2015

He doesn’ t know if his daughter has seen a white person before. He doesn’t know if his daughter will willingly leave the Mende tribe of her home in West Africa to accompany him to her new...

Socially Stressed

Students struggle with social anxiety, a disorder that causes stress and apprehension at the thought of social interaction
Aliyah Austin, Reporter January 22, 2015

Maisy Hoffman Junior Dani Baumgarner’s time to shine ended in kicking and screaming. The evening started out rough. Baumgarner had been in choir for years and sang in countless concerts, but rehearsal...

ON THE MOVE: “I guess after so many moves I just got used to it,” Bordeaux said. “I mean for me, it was just a part of life. I learned to dive in and work hard on my school work. Meeting people and friends just came along with it.”

A place to call home

Junior Jordan Bordeaux is no stranger to the world of change. She has moved to nearly two dozen cities across the country
Landon Hudson, Co-editor in chief January 22, 2015

A hand raises among the students in AP Language and Composition. As the teacher’s eyes drift towards the bright girl sitting in the corner, a few students exhale, relieved they weren’t called on this...

Passing through Paris

Passing through Paris

Maisy Hoffman, PR Manager September 11, 2014

By the time I landed in the Orly airport at 8 a.m. outside of Paris, France it was 2 a.m. in Grand Haven. Dazed and tired, I tried to find my way to the luggage claim area on 3 hours of sleep. I followed...

Gallery: Catalina 2014 Sun-Kissed Summer

Gallery: Catalina 2014 Sun-Kissed Summer

Maisy Hoffman, PR Manager March 4, 2014

After a year of planning, and weeks of practicing, the 2014 Catalina performance went on without a hitch. The show, Sun-Kissed Summer included songs that one may listen to while at the beach or on long...

Gallery: Senior Basketball and Volleyball Players Sign to Play in College

Gallery: Senior Basketball and Volleyball Players Sign to Play in College

Maisy Hoffman, Katie Harding, Photo Editor, Sports Editor November 30, 2013

After enduring endless hours of bumping, setting, spiking, shooting, and dribbling these girls have accomplished what any athlete dreams of doing.  Signing to continue their sports career in college. ...

Grand Haven Host Fashion Show to Raise Money for Breast Cancer

Maisy Hoffman, PR Manager October 17, 2013

On Oct 9, the Grand Havens Women’s Club hosted their fifth annual fashion show with the help of local stores to raise money to help women undergoing breast cancer treatment. The money made from ticket...

Galley: Grand Haven Hosts Boys Soccer Districts

Galley: Grand Haven Hosts Boys Soccer Districts

Maisy Hoffman, PR Manager October 17, 2013

Tuesday nights first round of districts held at Grand Haven were outstanding to say the least. With the Bucs coming out on top 3-1 over Grandville, they move on to play Mona Shores thursday Oct 17. Grand...

Senior Karl Johnson has his makeup done. (Hayes)

Gallery: Homecoming Week 2013

Austin Schouman, Entertainment Editor October 14, 2013

In celebration of Homecoming, Student Senate prepared a Spirit Week for students to partake in.  Themes included Pajama Day, Color Wars, Disney Day, Tourist Day, and Blue and Gold Day.  Bucs' Blade photographers...

________ and ________

Gallery: Grand Haven Hosts Regional Tennis Matches

Maisy Hoffman, PR Manager October 14, 2013

Last Thursday Grand Haven hosted the boys regional tennis matches for both singles and doubles players. Although Grand Haven didn't come out on top, our boys played tough and gave it their all.  

Gallery: Homecoming Game 2013

Gallery: Homecoming Game 2013

Austin Schouman, Entertainment Editor October 13, 2013

What a memorable game.  From senior Ryan MaGuire's agonizingly close field goal try from more than 50 yards out, to junior Jacob Kostner's 45 yard touchdown catch, to the fumble in overtime that ended...

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