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“Schitt’s Creek” embraces subtle comedy that makes show binge worthy

Sarah Mayer, News Editor December 22, 2020

  While scrolling through Netflix, searching for my next excuse to procrastinate, I came across the series, “Schitts Creek”, and boy is it binge-worthy.  The series is about the wealthy...

Amazon Originals worthy of bingeing

Sophia Jaeger, Feature Editor February 20, 2018

If you're looking for a thrilling show to binge Amazon, has come through with some fantastic and thrilling series that will leave you clicking to watch the next episode.

5 Shows to binge watch over break

5 Shows to binge watch over break

Lily Ives, Reporter December 17, 2015

Now that holiday break is around the corner teachers are asking students what their plans are for the coming weeks. Many answers sound the same: sitting at home, visiting families, going somewhere warm....

New comedy-thriller comes to FOX

New comedy-thriller comes to FOX

FOX's new show, Scream Queens, proves perfect for those who love 'dumb humor'
Marisa McElrath , Reporter October 14, 2015

“Do you want to dance with the devil?” After one hidden death in the Kappa household, nearly twenty years before, a killer has emerged to terrorize a college campus. The leaders of the Kappa...

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