Girl’s guide to pre-prom

With prom being the most prevalent social event right now, make sure it’s done right, a task more detailed for girls than guys

Elizabeth Tibbe, Co-editor in chief

Make sure you have a boutonniere
Just as for the guys, your boutonniere should already be ordered and in the making so all you need to do is pick it up and pin it on. If not, then get a hold of somewhere quick and hope they can get you in. You may have a better chance with somewhere outside of Grand Haven since prom is so close. Try Spring Lake, Muskegon or maybe even making your own if you’re feeling artsy.

Google how to pin a boutonniere
Assuming you got one in time, it’s important to know what in the world you’re doing for the awkward flower exchange pictures. Your date is not a pin cushion. To save both of you from pain, google before hand how to put one on properly so you look like a pro when the time comes.

Pack different shoes/clothes
Granted nobody stays in their heels much longer than the pictures, your feet will still be sore by the end of the night. And nothing will sound better than a pair of sweatpants and a sports bra after a long night all dolled up with pins stabbing you skull. Especially if you’ll keep the night going with after prom, you will want a change of clothes and shoes ready to go.

Pack your clutch with necessities
What you consider necessary may be different from the girl crammed next to you in the bathroom fixing her mascara but whatever it may be, you need it to mentally survive a night like prom. It may be your extra tube of lip smackers, five hour energy or converse you carefully stuff into a tiny purse. Make sure you know what you’re going to need and be ready with your checklist before you take off.

Getting ready party
The lead up is half the fun when it comes to prom. Going with a date or not, get with a group of friends, put on your party playlist and get ready together. This is great especially if you’re doing you own hair, help each other out and hand over bobby pins. Even if you’re doing everything by appointment, you can schedule them together or just take your silly group pictures after all is said and done.

Have everything ready before the day of
The day of prom is busy enough, make sure that everything is ready beforehand so you have no emergency drug store runs for cheap lipstick or sewing kit to fix the hole in your hem. Put together a checklist in the days coming up, shoes, dress, makeup, hair accessories and whatever your heart desires.

Confirm appointments
Sometimes it’s underestimated how much pre-prom work goes in months or weeks beforehand. To ensure you have a hair, nails or makeup appointment at your salon of choice, it should have been done quite some time ago, but you’ll want to call and make sure everything is set and your times are correct. Some places however, can squeeze in a walk in or two or fiddle with the schedule to fit you in if you call ahead before barging into the cloud of hairspray.