5 steps to prom etiquette

Elizabeth Tibbe, Co-editor in chief

Putting together a group of high schoolers getting ready for one of (what is supposed to be) the most memorable nights of their lives, can be a nightmare. The problem really only comes when said teenagers are dressed like adults but act like children. To make sure your group of friends isn’t the subject of some poor waiters therapy session, take time to review five simple etiquette tips.

Be on time
When a business is counting on your appointment during one of their most hectic days of the year, there is no time for them to wait around because you slept in. You committed to a time so don’t be late.

Be polite to the host
It takes a confident parent to invite teenagers into their home. Many kids don’t realize the amount of work or aspirin that goes into hosting a pre-prom party so make sure you’re polite and thank the host. Not their kid, the host.

Don’t glow
When you are spending a night with your friends, why do you need to stare at your phone? All the instagram posts will still be there when you wake up, you might just have to scroll longer. Be in the moment and look up instead of down at the glowing screen you’re infatuated with.

Table manners
Dinner, the make or break it moment for teen etiquette. There are many things that can go wrong, make it a goal to be the group that is aware of those things to prevent them. Little things make a big difference, be on time for your reservation, at least try your food, be polite to the staff, keep inside voices and make the bussers job easier by tidying up the table. One of the biggest issues is tipping. A little known fact, some restaurants add gratuity onto your bill with a party of over 10 (on average). If they do not, make sure you tip well, 20% is recommended for good service.

Be aware
While many like to think it, prom isn’t the only thing happening on May 2. Restaurants will be flooded with tuxedos and sequins, but while you have reservations, it is not for the entire establishment. If you’re doing pictures somewhere public like Central Park, be courteous of others on a stroll with their dog. As for after prom, some people do like to sleep so keep your friends up but not the entire town. All in all, don’t live up to the crazy teenage stereotype.