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Wet Mitten showcases several good surfing magazines.

Among the many summer activities, surfing is one of the most fun, however, surfing on Lake Michigan can be intimidating as the wave breaks are often inconsistent and the variety of wave sizes can be hard to adjust to. We have compiled information to help you sort through the equipment needed to start surfing.

Located on 301 N Harbor Dr in Grand Haven, the Wet Mitten Surf Shop is an ideal local location to buy surf gear. The shop has a variety of boards and also has options for renting. Be prepared to spend 400-600 dollars for purchasing a good board or spend 55 dollars to rent one for a day. If you’re planning on really getting into surfing, purchasing a quality board might be a good investment.

Including the board, you will also have to purchase a leash which costs around 20-30 dollars. Depending on the weather, a wetsuit might also be nice to have. Currently, the lake temperature is 56 Fahrenheit so if you’re planning on surfing early this summer, a wetsuit is essential for being in the water for long periods of time.

If you’re just looking for more summer/surfing clothes and swimsuits The Surf Shop is a good place to go. While it doesn’t have surfing equipment, the shop has good clothing options to check out.

After you’ve gotten your equipment, it’s time to surf. Going out on any day in Lake Michigan isn’t going to guarantee you’ll get good waves. Before you go, you’ll want to check out to get the current conditions and look at the live webcam to see if there are any waves. For beginning surfing, a medium size, consistent swell is the perfect condition. Good surfing spots can be found at the Northshore Beach, State beach, and Coast Guard Park.

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