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Pearl Slayton continues to make amazing art

Pearl Slayton continues to make amazing art

Pearl Slayton has a passion for visual arts. Her talents drew the attention of reporter Sophia Jaeger, who sat down with Slayton to talk about her art.

SJ: What drew you to visual arts?

PS: I can’t really pinpoint why I am for visual arts, I used to hate it. My mom is an artist and a lot of other people in my family are artists so that was all I was really ever exposed to, so I ended up falling into it too.

SJ: What do you love about art?

PS: I’m obsessed with color. It’s just like the most raw thing in the world to me. It’s like when you hold paint in your hands it’s like this is gonna make me sound nuts but I could just eat this stuff.

SJ: What do you like to get out of art?

PS: It’s relaxing I guess and it’s nice to have something finished. It’s just something to do when I have nothing else to do or when I’m really bored it’s just always there for me.

SJ: What is your favorite type of art other than digital?

PS: I really like acrylic, just the rawness of it. It’s really quick. I paint with a hair dryer next to me so it instantly dries and I can go over it again, it’s just like a mask that you can keep adding to. It has so much texture to it but you can also make it really bright and it’s very just chemical and plastic.

SJ: What is your favorite thing about art?

It’s always just been for me. It gets a little weird-looking and people have different reactions to it for sure but it’s never been for anyone else really it’s always been just what comes out of me.


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