Girls rugby will compete for 3rd place in states


The girls rugby team will travel to Grandville to compete against Berkley for 3rd place in states on Sunday, Nov. 10. It will be an emotional night for the team because it is their last game of the season.

“We are hoping that we can take home 3rd in the state like we have for the past several years,” senior Andy Goodrich said.

The team has faced many mental and physical challenges to get to where they are now.

“When we play other teams, sometimes we have the outcome in our minds,” Goodrich said. “We honestly can beat a team, but sometimes people get so stuck in a mindset that we won’t be able to rise to our full potential.”

During their last game, one of the players was injured.

“During our playoff game there was a mindset challenge because one of our favorite players was hurt,” Goodrich said. “It’s really hard to watch when someone you love on your team gets taken out by an ambulance and keep the momentum going.”

In practice, the girls had to adapt to the weather. 

“A lot of the girls have started bringing plastic bags for over our socks so that we won’t have our feet frozen because of the snow,” Goodrich said.

During the game, the girls are going to work hard to overcome these challenges to achieve their goals. 

“We will overcome these challenges by all of us holding together because we are a sisterhood,” Goodrich said. “Understanding that we are a great team and that we should have the mindset that anything can happen.”