Samuel Woiteshek


Senior Sam Woiteshek was honored as January student of the month alongside teacher Mark Robertson.

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor

Senior Samuel Woiteshek was honored as the January Rotary Student of the Month on Monday, Jan. 20. He was chosen for his leadership abilities and academic record. Woiteshek was pleasantly surprised to find a letter announcing this honor in his mailbox a week prior. 

“I was surprised,” Woiteshek said. “I wasn’t expecting it, but after that initial shock, I was very proud and honored to be recognized by the Rotary.” 

Students are invited to bring a person of significance to accompany them to a luncheon hosted by the Rotary Club. Typically these individuals are teachers who have impacted the honoree. Woiteshek chose U.S. History teacher Mark Robertson to accompany him. 

“Mr. Robertson was the first teacher to put what I was learning into context of the world,” Woiteshek said. “He taught history as it really was with no glorifications. It was almost as if he could see through all the fakeness of it.”

At the luncheon, Woiteshek had the opportunity to brush shoulders with prominent community leaders.

“Rep. Bill Huizenga was there and I had a chance to say ‘hi’ to him,” Woiteshek said. “I enjoyed it very much and I was fortunate to share my accomplishments with all the attendees.”