Sam Hager


Senior Sam Hager was honored as a February student of the month alongside band director Iain Novoselich.

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor

Senior Sam Hager was honored as the February Rotary Student of the Month on Monday, Feb. 17. He was chosen for his leadership abilities and academic record. Hager was pleasantly surprised to find a letter announcing this honor in his mailbox a week prior.

“I’m involved in a lot of things,” Hager said. “I have good grades, I’m in marching band, jazz band, I was team captain of Science Olympiad in ninth grade and I hope to be again this year.” 

Students are invited to bring a person of significance to accompany them to a luncheon hosted by the Rotary Club. Typically these individuals are teachers who have impacted the honoree. Hager chose band director Iain Novoselich to accompany him.

“He helped me out a lot while I was drum major, because that’s a big position,” Hager said. “I was also with him every morning for jazz band; we get up an hour before school and really have an opportunity to bond with the whole class and with him.”

Hager was grateful for the opportunity to be recognized by the Rotary club and for the opportunity to give a speech at the meeting.

“A lot of people liked it, it was really nice to talk with big community leaders and to meet some of them,” Hager said. “It was a really great opportunity.”