Tai Chamberlain


Senior Tai Chamberlain was honored as a March Student of the Month alongside teacher Taylor Schriber.

Brendan Vander Meer, Reporter

Senior Tai Chamberlain was honored as a March Rotary Student of the Month on Monday, April 20. The ceremony was delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and was held virtually via Zoom. 

“It’s just an honor after realizing it’s a pretty big thing and that I was able to receive that award,” Chamberlain said. 

As part of the ceremony, honorees are allowed to choose one teacher who had a significant impact on their education and invite them to the ceremony, in this case virtually. Chamberlain chose teacher Taylor Schriber to join him.

I have a pretty close relationship with Mr. Schriber being my golf coach and a teacher,” Chamberlain said. “He always tries to make classes as fun as he can while incorporating the learning.”

Usually students attend the ceremony at the Grand Haven Community Center with community leaders and other figures. However, COVID-19 caused a delay in the ceremony and was held virtually with principal Tracy Wilson, the honorees and their teachers, and other community leaders. 

“It was different,” Chamberlain said. “Especially because you didn’t really get to see everyone’s face that was there at the meeting. It definitely made it a little easier for the speech that had to be given. It’s disappointing that we didn’t actually get to do it in person.”

Chamberlain is attending Hope College in the fall to study business and will plan to try out for the golf team at Hope College as well.