Students seeking social workers


Sarah Mayer

Laurel Hotchkiss (left) and Emily Berry (right) are members of the social worker team.

Sarah Mayer, News Editor

Social workers help students with mental health, stressful situations, and providing resources. At GHHS, the team consists of four social workers, and it’s easy to contact them for everyday needs, or in a crisis. One member of the team is Katie Haecker.

“Lynne Bailey, who can be found in the front office, can direct students to any of the social workers,” Haecker said. “Other than that, there is also an online request form, and you can reach any of us by email.” 

The online request form can be found in student’s bookmarks bar, and it is quick and easy to fill out. 

The social workers include Katie Haecker, Jeanene Blease, Laurel Hotchkiss and Emily Berry. They are passionate and devoted to helping students. 

“(Students) spend most of their time in school and that’s where I feel like I can make the biggest impact,” Haecker said. “I love being a support for where the students are most.”

Social workers are an essential part of school, and students continue to rely on them 

“More and more students are coming in and struggling to make it through the day with mental health (issues),” Haecker said. “Our job is to be connectors to resources. We can help you get some tools in your toolbox, but at the end of the day if we can’t necessarily help, we can connect you with the help you need in the community. Whether it’s food, clothes, or bills, we are the connectors.”