Spread kindness for Adam


Lara Capuano created the Adam’s Acts Movement in 2014 after the death of her brother Adam Capuano to spread his kindness and have a way to grieve. As a tradition, the month of October is dedicated to the movement at GHHS.

Adams’s Acts are really important to Grand Haven because Adam was a former student. He was a star athlete, editor of the Bucs’ Blade and, overall, a very kind kid. 

School teachers and administrators encourage students to get involved by showing kindness. 

“How you get involved is by doing random acts of kindness,” math teacher Elizabeth Gervais said. “You can take a photo of it, or you can just blog or post about it, and then just use hashtags Adams Acts”.

Students who are caught spreading kindness will get recognized by Principal Tracy Wilson when someone informs her of the act. Students are announced on the intercom and asked to go down to the main office where they will receive a gift card.

Kindness cards were handed out by teachers and administrators earlier this month. Students filled out the card and returned it to student services when done. This allowed students to send a message to a classmate to show they care.

Grand Haven Wants YOU to participate in the Adams Acts Movement. Spread kindness for Adam!