MacDonald twins named MHSAA scholar-athlete finalists


Grace Ostric

The MacDonald twins are named MHSAA scholar-athlete finalist

Misgana Deur, Life Editor

Seniors Thomas and Michael MacDonald were named MHSAA Scholar-Athlete finalists this year. 

MHSAA is an award that 1,500 students apply to in the state of Michigan. The athletes get narrowed down to the top eight percent who have applied (in this case 24 class A boys). The MacDonalds are two of those 24. Six out of the 24 athletes will win the scholarship. 

“I was very surprised,” Thomas said. “Because a lot of people applied and when you apply for a scholarship you’re like, well let’s just see what happens. But when I got called to the athletic department I was a little confused on why and they told me I was a finalist. I’m really happy and proud of myself.” 

Both brothers have participated in swimming and water polo since the age of seven. 

“I feel especially with swimming it is kind of like an escape from reality,” Michael said. “Even after a long day in school, you get to practice for two hours and get to forget about everything else and just work a couple of things.”

The MacDonald brothers worked hard to acquire this award and get this far. Whether it was in the pool or at school. 

“I’ve worked extremely hard for the past four years,” Michael said. “I put 101 percent into everything. I’ve sacrificed a lot of things and winning this award would be a good conclusion to my four years in high school.”

If anyone is interested to apply someday make sure to start early. You have to write a few essays and get a letter of recommendation from a teacher or coach. The earlier you start the better chance you have. 

“I would also say to diversify yourself as much as possible,” Thomas said. “Same thing for any other college application. You want to be a well-rounded person outside of sports. If you do more leadership and volunteering you will have  more experience and that will help for any college or scholarships you apply to.”