Wheeler wishes to occupy time during leave from school


Courtesy Photo by Justin Wheeler

Freshman Justin Wheeler distracts himself the road to take a quick picture. Completing the 50 hours needed for Segment One of driver's training is something Wheeler hopes to accomplish during his time off.

Sam Woiteshek, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Freshman Justin Wheeler isn’t much of a reader. 

He averages about a book a year. It’s not that he doesn’t like to read or is illiterate – in fact, he is eager to learn with each new novel – but he just doesn’t have time. 

Now he does.

“I could see myself picking a book during this break,” Wheeler said. “Reading is a good time-filler and I could use some help with that.”

Like many of his peers, Wheeler finds himself staring at walls during this COVID-19 break. A reading remedy might just do the trick. 

Most days, you’ll spot his cream-white Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokoumpo jersey and his vibrant personality electrifying the halls with laughter and pure friendliness. 

These days, however, you’ll find him practicing his driving, listening to music, playing the drums, and doing school work. All of these activities can be done individually, in quarantine from others. 

“I have concerns about bringing [the virus] back home,” Wheeler said. “My father has a heart issue and is among a vulnerable set of people.”

Even if Wheeler doesn’t (or won’t) feel the physical effects of COVID-19, he’ll feel the emotional ones just as intensely.

“My parents canceled our Spring Break plans,” Wheeler said. “When school got canceled, my friends and I thought we’d hang out. Now, I’ve lost touch with my friends. I’ve lost time.”

Nevertheless, similar to other students, Wheeler is trying to salvage the positives from the situation.

“I am having to rely on myself a lot more,” Wheeler said. “I have to find my own answers and decide things on my own. I hope it counts because I’m not trying to be here in the summer.”